Plebeia in Tezos

Plebeia is a functional storage system using Merkle Patricia tree implemented purely in OCaml. It is meant to be used for Tezos blockchain.

Here are our updates since the last article:

  • Optimized the storage size down to 80% since the last version, using its refactored path conversion scheme and hash-consing.
  • Less than 70% of the current Tezos storage size by Irmin2.

The code of Plebeia is available in GitLab. Plebeia integrated Tezos node is also available.

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Release of SCaml 1.0 Pyramid

Happy new year! We have just done our first release of SCaml, version 1.0 “Pyramid”. SCaml is yet another OCaml compiler to Michelson VM used for Tezos blockchain. SCaml’s primary goal is to build a fully working high-level programming language for smart contracts with the least efforts. For this purpose we have decided to make it over an existing language and chose OCaml as the base. We avoided adding any extra language feature. [続きを読む]

SCaml: It's not a scam.

Since 2019-09, DaiLambda has worked on a small secret project called SCaml, a compiler for smart contracts for Tezos blockchain. Now reaching its pre-release status, we have revealed its existence in Tezos Smart Contracts: Programming Languages and Formal Verification on 2019-11-22. SCaml is a statically typed purely functional programming language. It is a strict subset of OCaml, which is wildly used in computer science and finance including Tezos protocol implementation. It compiles a subset of OCaml to Michelson, stack based VM language for Tezos smart contracts. [続きを読む]

Tezos Hands-on Kit

In the last week of August 2019, I have done 2 summer class courses about “Blockchain and Formal verification” in Tokyo and Taipei. The course consisted of 4 hours of lecture and 2 hours of “Tezos hands-on”. Blockchain is a live technology, and I believe we should provide some real experience – hands-on – if we teach something about it. I have done 4 Tezos hands-on including the above 2 already in this year and each time provided a hands-on kit, so that the attendants can play with Tezos as easy as possible. [続きを読む]