Tezos is a PoS blockchain with protocol amendment. Since its foundation, DaiLambda participates Tezos core development.

Optz: Michelson optimizer

Optz is an optimizer of Michelson programs, the base language for Tezos smart contract. It takes a Michelson code as input and then returns a smaller and more efficient equivalent code.


Plebeia is a functional implementation of a Merkle Patricia tree. The library allows the manipulation of in-memory functional views of the tree and perform atomic commits of those views to the disk.


SCaml (Smart Contract Abstract Machine Language) is a language for Tezos blockchain smart contracts.

Being a strict subset of OCaml, a programming language wildly used in computer science and financial industry including Tezos protocol, SCaml is a simple, small, but fully working compiler for Tezos smart contracts.


OCaml Js_of_ocaml interface for Monaco editor library.