Running Tezos node with small memory like 8GB

This artcile explains how to reduce the memory usage of Tezos node, without changing the code at all. Note: this is not to claim that 8GB is the minimum requirement to run current Tezos node. Use --singleprocess option By default, Tezos node runs 2 processes, the main process and the validator process, to execute the block validation and the other jobs in parallel. Unfortunately this increases the memory usage. You can run a node with --singleprocess option: [続きを読む]

Tezos reconstruction benchmark by replay

We DaiLambda are working on improving Tezos blockchain storage layer called context. The context stores versions of blockchain states including balance and smart contracts. Objective We want to benchmark Tezos context reconstruction of the recent blocks, say 10000. Only recent blocks, not from the genesis. Blocks must be preloaded to exclude the network costs. Currently we have 2 ways to replay blocks: reconstruct and replay. tezos-node reconstruct commits to the context, but is always from the genesis tezos-node reconstruct reconstructs the contexts from the genesis. [続きを読む]

ZoKraTez: How to play Zero Knowledge Proofs using ZoKrates and Tezos

NOTE: This works with ZoKrates 0.6.3. In a recent ZoKrates release 0.7.14, zokrates export-verifier fails for the combination of bls12-381 and g16. See Wokraround for new Zokrates for details. Step-by-step information to use Zokrates with Tezos. Tezos has upgraded its protocol to 008 Edo. It supports BLS12-381 elliptic curve which permits zero knowledge proofs in Tezos. Cool! However, there are not much examples of them today. How can we play with ZK? [続きを読む]