Plebeia in Tezos

Plebeia is a functional storage system using Merkle Patricia tree implemented purely in OCaml. It is meant to be used for Tezos blockchain.

Here are our updates since the last article:

  • Optimized the storage size down to 80% since the last version, using its refactored path conversion scheme and hash-consing.
  • Less than 70% of the current Tezos storage size by Irmin2.

The code of Plebeia is available in GitLab. Plebeia integrated Tezos node is also available.

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Rise of Plebs

In recent months, we DaiLambda have worked on Plebeia, an implementation of sparse Merkle tree disk storage. It is immutable: persistent and functional both in memory and on disk. It is optimized for data with relatively small sizes under 40 bytes which makes it suitable for blockchains such as Tezos. Plebiea can reduce the size of the current state repository of Tezos down to 1/10. More importantly, since Plebeia is a straightforward implementation of sparse Merkle tree, it can provide Merkle proofs of values easily to lightweight wallets which cannot carry the whole states of blockchain.

Plebeia is currently written in OCaml, but we are also porting it to F* for correctness proofs.

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