Tezos operations: how to build, simulate and inject

This article explains the details how Tezos wallets originate (= deploy) smart contracts, without using any wallet, with a working OCaml code! To read the code you have to be familar with OCaml. The whole code is available at https://gitlab.com/dailambda/tezos-origination-demo. RPC via JSON JSON We can access Tezos nodes via RPC and they talk in JSON over HTTP. Don’t confuse it with JSON-RPC. Here is a small module Json to handle JSON data. [続きを読む]

Nagoya Web3 Hackathon で Tezos のチュートリアルを行いました

I had “Block chain and how to build Tezos DApps” tutorial at Nagoya Web3 Hackathon organized by Nagoya Web3 Society, using SmartPy and Taquito. It was very challenging for me to cover from the very basics of blockchain to how to use these Tezos tools in a limited time (about 100mins), but the participated teams had smalll but nice ideas to implement in the later session. 先日、名 [続きを読む]

ZoKraTez: How to play Zero Knowledge Proofs using ZoKrates and Tezos

NOTE: This works with ZoKrates 0.6.3. In a recent ZoKrates release 0.7.14, zokrates export-verifier fails for the combination of bls12-381 and g16. See Wokraround for new Zokrates for details. Step-by-step information to use Zokrates with Tezos. Tezos has upgraded its protocol to 008 Edo. It supports BLS12-381 elliptic curve which permits zero knowledge proofs in Tezos. Cool! However, there are not much examples of them today. How can we play with ZK? [続きを読む]